Blinking (First Project of My Human-Computer Interaction Course)

This post (and other posts after this post) is dedicated for one of my course in college, Human-Computer Interaction (II3231 --code for the course). Let me introduce myself as a student (beside as the owner of this blog) of Information System and Technology, Eka Theresia Kartika Suri, 18214012 (my student number). Starting from now, during this semester I will definitely write again regularly here (depends on the project hehe). So here you go my story of the first project!

Thing I have to do in this first project is to make a LED on when a button is being pushed and off at the time the button is being pushed again. Sounds hard, huh? Start to think that I am pretty smart engineering girl? Well, it was not that hard anyway. All we (my group and I) did is copying source code, make the series, uploading it to Arduino, et voila! We finished our first project. To make it more understanable, I will explain it to you step by step.

First of all, everyone needs to know what to be prepared right? So below is the tools and materials
After gathering those things, you need to download a software from Arduino to be able to code. Why should you code? Because you need to tell the Arduino what should it do. Since you can not talk to it, you code. Just in case you, who read this post, would like to download the software, you can download it here. Below is the source code that I use (I copy it from the same website he he he).
But the code itself is not enough. You have to make a series using all tools and materials above. You have to connect the arduino to every component so it will be able to control those components. Yet, you can not make random series. Let me show you the diagram below.
When you're done with all of those things above, it means you are 95% done! Another 5% you have to do is connecting the Arduino with you PC/laptop using the USB cable and upload the code to the Arduino by clicking on upload button in Arduino software. It is still super duper easy because all we did is copying from the source (of course, it's the first project, isn't it?). My group and I finishing this project in only one trial during 15 minutes. Nah, I am not trying to be cocky, but if you think so, well, it's okay. This is not my very first time using Arduino. I have had a course with this thing a year ago. So it did not take many time to build the series and copy the source code (of course).

Oh, just in case you're curious, here is what mine look like.
And here are some (artsy) documentations of us while working on this project.
Please do not mind my big hand. Thanks.
 It's shining!
Bye, shine!

Well, that's all about one of my activity on last Sunday morning. Wish everyone a good week ahead!

---FAT TEAM---
Muhammad Nur Alif - 18214007
Eka Theresia Kartika Suri - 18214012
Fanni Ulfani - 18214051

a third year colleger,
Eka Theresia Kartika Suri

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