about the blessed woman.

I become a 23 years old woman in 2019 and I need to, even tho it is very hard to me to type this, change my nick name from little girl and growing little girl, to a woman. By the way hello everyone! Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you can learn something and your time does not wasted at all here. I born as Eka Theresia Kartika Suri Nugroho and most of people call me Eka or There (for Theresia) and the rest have their own nickname for me. I am just an ordinary private employee that love to read and write anything. Like literally anything. But my most favorite things are; delicious food, good film, good book, good music, good scenery, flowers, stars on night sky, cloud on day sky and fresh air. I used to hate math but after entering my 20s I realize that holding grudge is not a good thing so I let it go. But it does not mean I love math either.  I just try to live my life the best to not hate anything. 

I am on my process to live my life on every single day. I do mistake, a lot. But I am trying to grow to be a better person than me on previous days. Here, you can read every mistake I did, every failure I made, and every things that I learned.

about the blog.

This page started as Ichi Diary Every Day in 2009. I created it to improve my English skill and the blog was filled by my daily activities. Please don't bother with the weird name. I was only 12 years old girl back then. 

Entering senior high school in 2011, I finally realized how cringe the name was and change it to, another cringe name, Breaking The Rules. I really have no idea why did I name it that way. I used to have a quote that I believed I made it by my own self; the most exciting thing to do is breaking the rules. That's how the quote sound if I am not mistaken. Meanwhile in real life, I am the most obedient human being. On that time, I started to change the content from daily activity to fashion blog with a very (very means very very very very) weird taste. Sometimes I posted some bad days too because this blog has been my e-diary. 

During university, I paused and only posted something related to my course assignment.  I changed the blog name to Grow Beyond Pale, which is less cringe but still weird, with hope I will post more good story to read. But because university life was really not easy, I ended up not posting anything. 

Now, the blog name and url are changed to blessedeka to remind me how blessed I am because there is a saying "count your blessing". I hide several old posts but keep the rest. Please bear with my old post that full of weird fashion of mine and some protests about how hard high school and university was. There is possibility that I will post weird stuff, but I hope you can bear it. Enjoy the blog!

much love!