Fix You

I want to come clean on this post, the real reason why I abandoned this blog for years is because it started to feel embarrassing to write my thoughts and true feeling here. There were hundreds of moments when I moved my fingers to type something here but stopped after the second paragraph and just let it sat as a draft. Today is different because I have one hour free time in the airport before my flight back to Jakarta and I want to store one of the best concert experience I've ever had, Coldplay: Music Of The Spheres World Tour in Jakarta. This concert deserves a long post throwing out my thoughts and feeling inside. 


D-17: Comedy, Tragedy, Sanity, and Fantasy

It took me years to gather courage and click the publish button in this online journal of mine. After Instagram existed, I rarely post anything here, unless my courses assignment in pursuing my bachelor degree. I started recording my memory in my Instagram because it's just easier. I can record the moment immediately without the pressure to draft a long words to post in a blog post. But here I am coming back to share the summary of my life before turning 27. Well, just in case the 37-year-old Eka is looking for a motivation and coming to this page to see how her younger version living through her roller coaster life. 

So....hello? I don't think there will be someone who read this blog other than older version of me. But just in case you are not Eka in the next 1, 2, or 3 (and so on) years, there, I said hello to you. This post will be about the previous events of my life and my thoughts about it. You might find it weird (my mind works wonder you know) or illogical, but that's how all of the other posts will be. Just bear with me. 


The End of Long Journey

First of all, let me deliver my deepest sorry for my course lecturer and his assistant for not publishing this post on time. I am such a perfectionist and I was busy in making good documentation for this project that I finally late in publishing this last journal.
Hello, again! This post will be the longest post that I have ever made and will be the last post of my Human-Computer Interaction course. Yes, it has been last two weeks of my sixth semester and I soon will be leaving my third year of university. Wow, how time flies. I already have to think about my thesis. But I have to pass this course first by typing whole report for my last mission which is Smart Traffic Light. This post will be so long because I will resume our long journey in one post so my lecturer will not find it hard to check my final report. Check it out!