I would like to start this post with I never like 7-segment. Never once in my life (maybe in future). For those who do not know what 7-segment is, it is a component  that is needed on my second project. The lecturer ask us to make this 7-segment able to show number from 0 to 9 by pushing a button. Was it hard? At first, I thought so, because of 7-segment of course. But then Fanni found a website where we can copy the source code there. So, our project this time will still be about copy and paste. Hehe
Just like previous post, I would like to tell you materials and tools that needed for this second project. We need more jumper cables because 7-segment has many feet(?) lol no, so this 7-segment (that you can look below how it look, with some typo hehe) consists of seven LEDs, which are called by segments, and will shine whenever it connect to a pin in Arduino. So we need more wires. Do you really get what I mean? Since I think really hard how to explain it in an easiest words. Below is the tools and materials that you will need. I tried really hard to make it look fun to non-engineer people and it turn out so tumblr like this. Yes, I am proud of myself *wide smile*. If you ask me why do I need good music? It is because I am listening to some random playlist in Spotify right now, while writing this.

After gathering those components, as usual, you have to code in Arduino software and make a series. I am really sorry for not make those things as tumblr-wanna-be as the tools and materials above. But as long as you can try and understand from this post, it should be enought, right?

For I am a good colleger, I will tell you where I get the source code. I get it from http://www.warriornux.com/seven-segment-counter-up-use-push-button-with-arduino-uno/.  Thank you for being my savior, you get an honor from me. 

So we were not really lucky like our first project. You can say because I was too arrogant? Haha. In this project, we did not succeed at first try, but we spend almost 30 minutes just to think. What is wrong. We checked jumper cables at breadboard as well as Ardunio's pins and found out that we were in putting a jumper cable. It should be at ground but I put it somewhere else. And yes, it was my fault. I am okay with it. Engineer makes mistake you know. Engineer is human too, tho. And yes again, I am the one who realized my stupidity he he he. Call me careless engineer. 

Sure we tried to upload the program to the Arduino to check whether we succeed or not. And finally we......failed, again. My team and I started to check and move the jumper cables from one hole to another hole. We also put a cable jumper because we thought maybe the components were not really connected, especially the push button. First, the 7-segment kept showing number without recognizing the push button. So we tried to change the resistor with higher value. Yet nothing was change. Then there were time where the 7-segment did not show anything. We were almost upset at that time. But then, we did not really know why (until now we still do not know why), finally we succeed! WOW! We were surprised, of course. We wonder why, of course. But because we finally did it, we just make an assumption that maybe the breadboard need another jumper cable. You can see the black cable jumper at the series schematic above. Finish with the story, here are some photos of us. Enjoy!
My beautiful baby for this 3 months.

It looks sosososososo fun, isn't it?

 And here is a video of our success hohohoh

I guess that's enought for my second project. Today is Sunday, I wish you a not-so-many-deadline for weeks ahead!

P.S : just want to let everyone know that photo of components above are taken by me, in my room, with my homely photography tool. Here is a proof for you, but please do not laugh.

a third year colleger,
Eka Theresia Kartika Suri

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