First Christmas Celebration in 2015

 Can't believe that 2015 flies so fast. And yesterday I just celebrated my very first Christmas celebration. I was quite late (around half to one hour I guess) just because overslept. If you notice lot of wrong grammar in this post, I'm sorry. I'm lack of grammar indeed. I try to write to increase my ability in writing so it's okay to criticize my grammar. There are lot of photos but too lazy to choose, edit, and upload it one by one. I have lost my desire in writing since long long long time ago. Too bad, my habit in writing is killed by my bad time management. I'm not going to blame myself at all. I have learned lot of things in this 2015 and loving (forgiving included) myself is one of them. So whenever I make mistake, I don't run neither hate myself. I forgive myself and learn how to be better and keep reminding myself to be a better girl in Christ.

Want to know what is the most unbelievable thing? I haven't shop anything for Christmas. Well, let say it I don't really feel the spirit of Christmas this year. I just don't know why. It's not the spirit of celebrating it, go to the celebration, have a worship and meet bunch of people I know well. But the spirit of buying new thing, go to the mall just to see any Christmas stuff or so. Maybe because I've understood the real mean of Christmas. Well, I guess. That reason is not too bad at all. Coming quite late doesn't mean I don't enjoy the Christmas celebration. I do enjoy it. Enjoy the preaching, the Christmas song, the Holy-Night song (with the lit candle) and everything. I felt so blessed and it did boost my mood up. The mood after wake up after a bad overslept is never good you know. I feel ache on whole of my body. Hm, I will not talk too much since I have to do some music editing for my church's Christmas Drama. Sad thing is I still don't know whether I will be able to back to Pakam or not. Well, just pray! Have a merry Christmas everyone!

wishing you tons of blessings,
lady to be


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  3. yes, true value of Christmas is not shopping but spending time with love ones.
    Cute photos and post.


  4. what an amazing christmas celebration you had.