David and Jonathan

Hai, peeps! It's glad to be here again hehehehe. Of course college life has been started and yeah, I'm so busy, but I'm trying to be so good in managing my time. I mean, I want to be a good blogger hehehehe. Well, does anyone know David and Daniel? If you're Christian, you will know who they are. They've been mentioned in the bible as the strongest friendship ever. Daniel, that was a son of a king, protected David with whole of his life because David was going to be killed by Daniel's father. With this extremely complicated situation, either David or Daniel still took care each other. David didn't blame Daniel for what Daniel's father did, and Daniel tried his best to protect David, his bestfriend.

Who don't want this kind of friendship? A friendship that understand and take care each other. Love each other just like a real siblings. Nandit and I are not in that kind of situation indeed. But she's just like sister from another mother and father you know. I even spent my last birthday in Jogja just because I wanted to celebrate mine with her. And last week she came to Bandung to visit me hehehehe we did lot of stupidity and went around the city. It was so fun and tiring. But the best thing is spending your time with your family right? So I had such the best quality time yesterday.

Voila the photos in Jogja. Sorry for not editing it, I'm sosososo lazy hehehehe

And these below are photos in Bandung

We went to Bosscha and it was so fun! I'm a fan of a film titled Petualangan Sherina since I was young. The shooting took place in Bosscha Observatory. Soooo it's kind a dream comes true going to that place. Yeay! So sorryyy but I didn't record any video of our journey in Bandung. But if you're curious about our journey in Jogja, here you go! You can watch the video below. Sorry for the bad editing because I'm still a newbie in video editing. Have a good mid-week, peeps!

little girl


  1. both of you are sweeeet :D
    Hai, salam kenal ^^
    I'm also a big fan of Petualangan Sherina, but my dream going to Bosscha haven't reached. Mungkin next holiday I'll go to Bandung. Nice to read your blog :)

  2. what a nice place !


  3. aww, matching outfits with bestfriend...really want to do that...
    I'd really want to have bestfriend and go travels together and do so many things, but idk i just can't keep up being friend with someone for over 1 year...-_-

    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!

  4. great photos, missed jogja already :)