"If You Want To Be Success, You Can't Just Twiddle. You Have To Work Hard"

Few days ago, Nandit and I heard one of our junior was saying those words on my title post to his friend. Although that junior didn't talk to me, but either Nandit nor I felt like that words addressed to us. Both of us now is in third grade senior high school today. We dream a lot about our success and a beautiful future. But sometimes we gripe our senior high school life and feel tired with this situation. Especially me. The one who always complain about bunch of homework and always say "I'm tired","I'm going to die","Can I stop?" and other bad words. I always think I want to stop and I need to stop. Just like what loser does.

I know it right that I should speak up every good words. But I just can't stand with bunch of homework that make me lack of sleep every morning. Even I get sick now. My voice sounds like frog and my eyes are too horrible just like panda eyes. I'm trying to make myself sure every time. If I try hard today, then I will receive something beautiful tomorrow. Because none of people who try hard become a loser right? A winner never give and always try hard. A winner always speak up the good words and never complain. I have to be a winner.

I'm sure God was trying to remind me that from what I heard from my junior. Nothing is easy in this world. We need to try hard. Nothing come when you just lie down on your bed. You need to get up and do something. Even though it's not something that will change the whole world. But it'll be something that changes your whole life.

While writing this, I've postponed my Bahasa Indonesia homework. This is ridiculous because it's 40 minutes to midnight and I'm still awake and haven't do my homework and even write something useless here. I need to change this kind of habit. A winner never do this.

But I just found my old photo that I never post before and I really want to post it though it's nothing. I really want this kind of haircut again. But I've cut my bangs of and it's reallyyyyyyy look weird! It's too short. My friends call me Jupe now. You know Jupe right? Julia Perez. Ewww. I don't like her and I really don't wanna called with that name. I hope this bangs can grow faster.
I have nothing to type anymore. So, goodnight! and sorry for the bad photos^-^)v