Something Wrong

Something is wrong with this world.
With everyone in this world.
Something is wrong with this country.
With everyone in this country.
Something is wrong with my life.
With every past and future in my life.
Yet all of those wrong things happen not because destiny.
Not because God decides it have to be.
But because everyone in this world.
Everyone in this country.
Because of me.

Let me taking breathe first. Fyuuh! It's been months since my last post. I become worse in blogging day by day. All I can say to you is.... "I have no time", "Ugh. Sorry. I'm so busy", "School really kills me and my free time" and other shit thing.

I blame other thing, other people.

This is all because me. I'm the one who can't manage my time well. The one who do useless shit things but keep saying SCHOOL is the only reason. 

Yeah, I know. I'm that shit.

So, how is everyone's holiday? Well, it's very very very late already but it's better than never right? Like what I've told you on my instagram, mine was nice enough though it was a little bit boring. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014 everybody! Another super late thing yet it's better than never. Hahahaha oh, another thing. Gong Xi Fat Cai! I'm afraid that I can't blog to congratulate you Chinese New Year. Wish we have a fabulous new year. 

Don't you feel something wrong with this world recently? Catastrophes happen everywhere in this world. Extreme cold weather in USA, extreme hot weather in Australia, snow fall in Egypt, flooding in Jakarta and Manado, volcanic eruption in Berastagi, North Sumatera and other things I don't know. For your information, I live in North Sumatera. Nearby the volcano. But I'm not in the same city with the volcano so I'm safe until this time. 

But I know something is wrong with this world.

Do those does by God? Is it in God's plan? Why is God that cruel? Does it God's fault or ours? My answer is ours. We are the one who don't treat our world. We are the one who do every bad thing until the global warming happens. We spoil our earth. Our world. And something is wrong with this world is caused by us. 

You will see black-white photos below. Let's call it the sneak peek for my vacation post. I've taken lot of photos and everyone has to see it. I will post it soon! Please pray so I will not be lazy then you can see how amazing North Sumatera is. Indonesia is not only Bali, dude. It has more than what you know. 

And something is wrong with my life.

I mess my time. I'm not discipline. I postpone everything. I'm really shit. I pray to God all the time to change all of these bad habits but I don't give any effort. I'm really that shit right? Future is only in months. Not years anymore. I need to change these habits and focus on my passion. The scholarship to Japan. 

But I don't study.

Everything needs effort. I know it right but I'm too lazy too study. I enjoy the time doing useless shit things then say that you're busy just because there's no more time for any useful things. I hope you are not like me. Future is just like black-white blurred photo. It has no color even blurred. Make us hard to guess what is that. What will it be.

I hate growing old to be honest.

I'm not growing up. I'm growing old. Maybe the reason why I'm this lazy is because I hate the fact that I'll growing old? Meet new people? Be in new environment? Be far from home? I hate all of those things. I know right life goes on. But this phobia. I hate the time when your mind think about every scary possibility that will not happen. 

I really hate it.

Before you see the photos below, may I ask you something? Please pray for this world, for Indonesia, for me and other wrong thing. Pray without any act is nil. But pray when the only thing you can do is pray, is works and worth than anything. Especially for every victim of the catastrophes. 

And....here you go! The black-white sneak peek vacation photos!
Sorry for the bad photos!XD I'm amateur you know. But I hope you enjoyed it. So good night!:)
This photos is taken by my mom. Hahaha I hope you enjoy my ugly weird face:)))


  1. first, I really get into your blog title, it makes me want to know more about you!
    second, your post is good! so peaceful and refreshing.
    nice to know you anyway :)


  2. great black and white picture :D


  3. hey girl, i'm loving your blog <3
    btw, what is the tittle of your backsound? its so beautiful.
    let me now on my blog, okay?
    <3 <3 <3