Black For Your Sorrow Day

I've planned this post so long time ago. I planned to wear my black dress but I have no time for it. I'm sorry. So many sorrow came recently. I've been quit from teaching. And I can't lie. I do miss my students. I miss the time they bullied me (though I'm the teacher). I miss the time they shouted to me when I gave them too much homework. I miss those time. Everytime I teach. I miss it.

So many homework make me dying. Even I have no time to study for national examination. I hope I can manage my time better. But sorrow I want to talk here is more than quit from teaching and homework. Last week, Cita's father passed away. She is one of my friend and those who sit next to me. Although it's not my father, but still, I cried because I know how hurt Cita is. 

After a week (tomorrow is strict to the day of Cita's father death), one of my teacher (my favorite teacher) passed away. Can you imagine how hurt I am? I cried and really not in my mood today. Yesterday I just thought about how it is feel losing people you love. I've forgotten how it is feel. But today, I remember it. I try to make myself strong by giving bunch of quotes to myself. But what pathetic is, that teacher died because of lung cancer. I just can't imagine how tortured he is. But all of his tortured is over. I pray for his family. May his family be strong and face this well. I hope my teacher will not feel any hurt anymore. 

Everyone cried today. I can see how wonderful being a teacher is. Your students cry for you. Your friends cry for you. Everyone cry for you. Pak Damanik is a wonderful teacher. Everyone love him. I bet God loves him too. That's why He called him back.

Anyway, did you notice something different from my blog? Yes. I just changed my layout. Do you like it? Is that great? Do you love the music? Is there any suggestion? I'd love to hear it:)

The photo you've seen is a random photo taken by me. I know they're bad. But I'll try harder to be a better photographer. I watched Japan film titled Heavenly Forest. It's a very great film! Love it so much! I love how the boy and the girl shot all of the photos. I love every photos of their shots. Look so natural. That's why I'm trying to shot people's face but it's failed.

Ugh. It's already midnight. I need to sleep now. I've just finished my chemistry task. And now....time to bed! Good night everyone:) 
"Everyone will gone someday. Thing we who stay should do is keep moving forward. Don't look at back and lock yourself in those memories. But wake up and try to walk. Because the show is go on, babe."-Eka Theresia



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  10. I love the whole moody black and white thing here..
    definitely captures how you feel right now :(
    mm.. Is Pak Damanik teaches music by any chance? I had a music teacher named Pak Damanik years ago...

    anyway, grieve is the price we pay for love
    and as cliche as it sounds.. time heals all wounds. so just let the time heal you and your friends :)

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