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I've finished my final exam so, HELL to the O. HELLO! Sorry because I don't post bout myself here. But I made my friends as my model.
lol. I forget the time when we took these photos. These photos below are taken when we went to the swimming pool for have a swimming exam. Do you see the photo above? I shot them as my model for this post. Hahahaha

I don't hope I will enter the top 10 rank. I just hope my score increase. It's enough. Because day by day passes, I become very very lazy student. So I realize it will be impossible enter the top 10. If I enter it, it means my friends have done very great work. (I asked them lot of question. lol)

Do you have any idea what major should I take for next year? Yup. I will enter university next year. I still have no idea what major should I take. I think I will enter TI major or English major. But my parents say it's better if I be a doctor. For your information, I don't have any interested in being a doctor. Please, how many doctor are unemployed in this country. And I don't want be one of them. However, I'm great enough in programming and English. And I'm a idiot in Biology. I ever have remedial once in that subject. No matter how hard I try, I don't understand bout that subject. Hate it so much.

I have a fear in being a 3rd grade student. I'm afraid about the national exam. Why should I face it? And again, for your information, I have phobia with examination. I don't know what is it named. If you know, let me know it. Please tell me.

Back to topic. Thing I want to say here, everyone is fashionable. No one is old-fashioned or out of date or whatever like that. Why I say that kind of thing? Well, it still called fashion though it looks weird. Even those who have no taste of fashion still fashionable. They have their own style. Though it looks weird in our eyes. They feel comfortable of what they wear. That the most important thing.

Just like me, I dress with my own taste of fashion. Sometime my friends it's weird. But I feel comfortable wearing that outfit. Again, I tell you, fashion is about comfortable.

You've seen this girl on the other post. Well, she's Ulinanditya Permata Sari. At that tim she used denim and cute yellow bag. So simple. But not that right?
And this is Novi. I love her in this hijab style. And also, I love her bag. She's look cute isn't she? She's great in paired the stuffs. 
Jane is not a girl either a boy. She is tomboy. But with using girls' color, she looks not bad lol just see her expression. Even I want to hit her with something like stone.
What is wrong in using skull hijab. Peggy looks scary here, but I like the hijab hahaha sorry peggy. You're cute. But I'm more.
Another simple outfit is Molda's. But the stuff on her top make it not too simple. My cousin still look pwetty here. 
Nisa's hijab, top and pant looks so-so. But with her bag and her flat shoes, she looks great.
 And the last is.....Deny! Our chairman. Novi, Peggy, and Nandit are not in the same class with me. But others are yes. And our chairman is this boy. Among others boys, Deny wore the right outfit. lol others were used jeans, shirt, etc. But this boy use sport outfit. Right choose. That's why he feature here. Anyway, he even didn't look bad in this outfit.

And what did I use? I use oversize shirt, medium pant, and shoe. No one want take my photo. Ck. I do hate them. But you can see my outfit in the photos below. You know which one is me right?

Well, I'm the one who look the most different. The one that used shoes, wear oversize shirt with shoe picture on it, and use medium pant. The one that look the most beautiful. lol

I think that's all. Aaaaah feel so relief cause finally I blogging again! After this will do blogwalking. Or maybe sleep first? The most important is I will free from study and examination until next month. And I will not join the futsal competition. I will not play. I want to be free. Hahaha

P.S: I've joined Mandarin course-_-

Happy Sunday! God bless you.


  1. Aw, your friend is so stylish! I can't wait to see more of your outfit posts though =D

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  2. well, your style still rules it!
    lovee :D


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