Mirza's Fabulous Day

debi:"what do you think? Is it look bad?"
me:"that's so bad, right?"
debi:"yeah, so bad"
mirza:"I think this is awesome but because you both say this was bad I feel like....."
Hello readers! How's your day? As what I promise you I'll post about Mirza's birthday in this post. Have you saw the photo above? What do you think about the T-shirt? That's designed by me for me, debi and mirza. We(me and debi) gave the T-shirt for Mirza's 16th birthday. Thanks God Mirza love that T-shirt. He said, "I think this was cool. My friend said like that too" By the way, Happy Birthday Tengku Mirza Dwisyahputra! Be more more more more in every good thing dude! Longlast with shinta hoho. We took a lot of photos. We threw him with egg and water sewer. That was really really bad smell and annoying. Guess what? Mirza threw me with the egg and water sewer too-_- I was sosososo bad smell and..... I home with a really really ungood looking. Well, you know how I call it in Bahasa Indonesia? gembel. Yeah, I was so gembel. But I enjoy it! Once again, I enjoy it! Hahahaha By the way big thanks for Kelimutu for her award for me. I really happy of it. You're also a good blogger, girl! You can read the post here http://gartenparadise.blogspot.com/2012/05/blogger-appreciation-award.html 


mirza:"Thanks for today eka, debi"



  1. cool T-shirt! :D

    have a nice day!
    Helena Natanael

  2. The t-shirts are so cute! You guys looked like you had a great time together. Your blog is so cute =)

    Suzie Q