That's today!

HoHoHo! Merry Christmas everybody! How your Christmas day? Do you have a great one? Until now, I don't receive any Christmas gift. Oh, poor me. Well, but I don't care about it. I'm still a lucky girl who can celebrate Christmas with my family. Mom, dad, little brother and my aunt. There's no grandma or grandpa. They were pass away. I hope they're have a great place there. Honestly, I miss them. This is my first Christmas in Lubuk Pakam, my city. I never celebrated Christmas here before. I always go to vacation with my family. Well, I need a real holiday in this Christmas. I don't need go to a picnic. I just need hibernate. I'm too tired being a SHS student. By the way, I start enjoy being a SHS student. There's new love, new challenge, new friends, new teachers. That's sound good now. Well, I texting with Rachel this afternoon. She's look good. I tell her about a boy that I love now. Well, I'm in love now. Hahahaha. But I don't want in relationship. I still love the friendship. That's better. All I want in this Christmas is meet Rachel. But, I can't meet her. I think she's too busy. Christmas will end in 4 hours again. I wanna tell you about my Christmas. It start from the Christmas eve. I showed the drama! And...... everbody love the drama! We're success, buddy! There's an accident. My beer bottle was broken! That's made we shocked. But, as a professional we don't care about the broken bottle. Guess what? everyone think the scene we had planned. Hahahaha this morning I go to church of course. I sang a song there. With all teenager in my church. We showed a bad one. I don't know why I can't post any picture use my aunt provider. This really make me frustrating. That's today! That's today my Dad, Jesus Christ born in this world. That's today my eternal bestfriend come to save our soul. Thanks God, and merry Christmas everybody. Don't say merry X-mas, but say it use merry Christmas. Cause the Christ was born today. Not the 'X', but the Christ.

little girl♥

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