Christmas Day

It's one week more to Christmas Day. I can't wait longer for that day. What surprise will come to me? I celebrated christmas for teenager in my church this morning. My friends and I make a little drama. I was being a poor girl. Use that stupid glasses and use the worst dress. I sang a song. Our drama was sooooooo bad. I sang so bad. We act so bad. Everything walked not in their way to be. I almost cried. really. I don't know what people said about our drama. But debi said a sweet lie. She said that I act so cool. I know she was lie. But, it was can make me better. Sometimes a lie can make you feel better. I try to make myself sure if that was just a little memory. People won't remember it. I won't to change my good mood in christmas month. I cheer myself with thinking about Santa, snow, gifts, food and everything that there in christmas. In this christmas, will Rachel home and meet me? I miss her so badly. I keep positive thinking that Rachel will home and meet me. That's success. I feel so happy if I think about that. And I'm sure. I will be so disappointed if Rachel doesn't home. My teacher said that we can't give our happiness to the other person. That's our happiness, so the person who can make us happy is not our friend, not mom, not dad, not our idols, not brother, but ourselves. Cause when we give our happiness to the other person, we will feel disappointed. I agree with my teacher. But, I can't stop give my happiness to the other person. That's the problem. Let's back to christmas. I love christmas cause that's the happiest day in year. People laughing, singing, dancing, kidding, smiling and also crying in christmas night. People will smile when they see the christmas tree. People will greet their friend, say merry christmas, give their best smile, and hugging. At the morning, many children will screaming. They will feel so happy. They get their gift. They get their christmas gift. Before christmas, many children will laughing and have a debate with their parents about the christmas tree. They will debate about who will put the star. About where the accessories have to put. About where they have put the christmas tree. What a wonderful day right? In the cold night, everybody will go out of their home and go to church. Praise the God, praise Jesus Christ. He was born in that day. Everybody will singing. Everybody will praying. That's why I love christmas. That's why I want christmas always happen everyday, not every year.
Eka Theresia