what will I be?

I just finished reading a novel ( I just finished my examination, so I read novel as much as I want). That's tika's novel, the title is Summer in Seoul. That's sosososo romantic novel. I want have a boyfriend like Jung Tae Woo (that's the main cast in that novel). I was trying to tweeted on twitter. But it seems that was a trouble in my twitter. I couldn't tweet anything! So, I tried to go to facebook. And it seems like I can't signed in-___- what the hell going on? Well, back to our first topic. I feel so hungry now. My mom still cook friednooddle in the kitchen. Hahahaha Ehm! about that novel. I feel that Ilana Tan has a good talent being a writing. I love that novel. There's a novel that I love too. The title is Galagher Girls. I forgot who is the writer. I really love reading and writing. From in 3rd elementary school, I had try to wrote. Wrote about everything! I always have a dream to be a famous writer. So, I try to write and I failed. I try again, and failed again. I try again, and always failed. That's all because I always getting bored when I start to writing. And now, I really want to write again and don't have any idea. I don't why, but now I realized that I don't have any talent in writing. So, what is my talent? I don't know... I still don't know about my talent. I don't know what will I be. I don't have any dream. I just followed what my parents said. When I was a child. I have many dream. Wanna be doctor, president, singer, actress, model, photograph, and soon. But my parents asked me to be a doctor. So, I'll try to be a doctor. But, in this last time I thought, if I be a doctor, I doubt it I will be a great doctor. I don't have any talent there. I have talent in Information and Technology. So, what will I be? I confuses.... Why we have to be growth up? Why we have to decide our choice. Why we have to do that? I hope I will choose the right choice. If I'm in a wrong choice, may Jesus make me be good in that choice. Cause when we decided something, we can't back and take the other choice. We just can do the best for our choice at the first. At last, whatever I'll be, I believe Jesus had arrange the best for me.

Eka Theresia

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