Bye X-1!♥{}

It's such a long time I don't post anything here. Well, that's because i'm too busy. I have told you that I'll face my examination right? Well, it's over now. And now, I want to say ...bye X-1! It’s not see you. It’s really goodbye. What to do? I hate this fact. There’s no more X-1 that there’s me inside. There’s no more my X-1. I feel like... it’s hard to describe it. X-1 is the best class ever. I fall in love with this class. I won’t leave this class. All of people in this class is my family. They’re the craziest people in this world. On 14th June, we made a small farewell party at Indri’s home. Big thanks for Indri that have offered her home so we can smashed it. Hahaha. Everyone enjoy that small party. We do everything. Barbeque, laugh, had a joke, mocked each others, did crazy thing, screamed, oh well, we did a lot of thing. One word, we were happy. Oh, but there’s no Nandit,Mutya,Fiena,Dewi and Alwi there. But trust me, we were happy! It’s not like farewell party. No one cried. Everyone laugh, although at that time all of us felt afraid of the next day. Yeah, on 15th June we would have our report card. But what I saw is everyone forget about the next day. Here is all of our photos. Crazy right? hahaha

 Whose child behind Tari and Gita? ahaha
 The chicken!
 Dedy and Tari look so romantic huh?
 What did Cita and I want to eat? That was not a food-_-
 Craziest girls!
 I'm so ugly huh?-_-
 That was Novi's hand!
 This is it....
 Novi novi novi!
Wanna have some?
 Novi:"you have to upload all of your ugly face on your blog!" hey novi! That's all my ugly face. are you Feel Happy?
 Crazy Deny&Ilam!
 Rahmat playing guitar!
 Ilam and nisca!
 Let's eat it all!
 Nisca so beautiful right?
 Cita is so LMAO huh? bahahaha

Well, that's all. Maybe there's no more my X-1. But X-1 always there im my memories. Thanks for everything guys. I love you so much. All of this photos are taken by me, fiqih, novi, indri, gita and others. Edited by me. We took some webcam too, you can see it in Nisca's blog.

P.S: I have received my report card and know what? I can the 7th rank in my school and 4th rank in my class. Thanks God.



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  2. Look you have tons of fun ^^ Nice post! :)

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  3. wah bisa nyasar kesini saya
    salam kenal ya, asik blognya