Goodbye 2011!

Finally I can write something here! Happy new year everybody! How your new year eve? I spent my new year eve in Tarutung, a little city near Lake Toba. I spent my new year eve with cursed Twitter. When the new year eve, I was in a hotel with my little family. We went to many place. Feel so tired. But, I enjoyed it. I just homed yesterday. That's a short vacation. And until next week, I will spent my holiday to hibernate and making some cakes (Novi and Tari asked me to bring many cakes). Can't wait longer to school. I want to meet with crazy X-1. But, I don't want to see any book, teacher, homework and... examination. At last examination, you can say I can passed it. I'm in 7th rank. Thankyou Nisca,Sisca,Mutya,Fiena,Dewi,Deny,Fiqih&Novi. Hahahaha at last, Goodbye 2011. Thanks for taught me many things. Thanks for give me smile, cry, laugh, stress and anythings else. Welcome 2012! Teach me to be a woman please. I'm trying to leave my child attitude. Have an amazing 2012 everybody! I'll post my vacation photos at the next entry. Bye....

little girl♥


  1. Happy new year dear! :) :) xx

  2. I loooove your hair and hairstyle so much, it's so beautiful! :D And ohh happy new year btw! :)