When everyone be crazy.....

Yahoo! has been a while since I wrote something useless here. I'm so busy now and then. Busy with all my homework and everything about the school. Sometimes I feel like an artist. Muahahaha. Now I just sit and eat my lunch while having a lot of jokes with a lunatic people like ibal, dedi and fiqh. So many laughs with them. oh yeah! I'd like to share some photos of mine with ibal&dedi. We were so crazy at last Thursday. Take lots of photos using neave.com And I got a new nickname. "anak kecik" from Arif. It means "little girl". Probably because my body is small and short-_- All my friends call me a short girl. I don't care about that and keep proud to be small and short. And.... this is it! Crazy us!=))

Honestly... there's still a lot photos bahahaha sososososo crazy huh? bahahaha. At last, when everyone be crazy, we just can laugh at ourself.

little girl♥

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  1. looks like you guys had a great time :) btw, i'm short too, and i proud of it. you know, short girl always look younger than her actual age :p