I just posted something on my wordpress. That's about someone who hate Korean pop. He talked about many bad things. Many people bashed him. But, the question is are we need to bash someone just because he/she talk many bad thing about our idol? according to me. That's wrong. We don't need to do it. I annoyed of all my friends tweet. I know that's their way to show that they're care to their idol. But, if that's annoyed, I think they should stop it. And, I decided to write something. So, I wrote and posted it on my wordpress. Oh, by the way. I have a new style now. I like to wear white t-shirt. I think white t-shirt look good to me although I have a black skin. That's no problem. That's no matter about your skin colour , your body shape or etc. Style is open for everyone. You can have your own style. That's cool if you can have your own style although you're not a perfect girl. Just check this photo out. What do you think about my t-shirt? and is that funny I wear this t-shirt? Like what I looked? Oh, I still confuses about what I will give to my mom, tomorrow. Tomorrow is mother day. I think I just make a greetings card. Is it okay?

P.S my home is full with red now. My mom made it so red. Red like chili.

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