Second Year

It's the warmest hello again from the second year university student that promised she would blog more but end up making a new post after 3 month passed. Second year is....something. I mean, well I'm getting busier indeed. But as I promised I want to be mature and stop complaining on this blog, so, this post will not talk about my failure and other negative things. No, I will not. But I will tell you how my second year is going on. It will...contain...some...complains....I guess. Soooo, sorry! Hehehehe 
I was going back to Bandung around 20's of July because of the committee I took was being held on 1st of August. It was hard to leave my hometown but hey, I have to be responsible right? So I forced my family to let me go faster. It was getting harder to leave my hometown when my mom told me what my brother said. He wished that I could stay longer. What can be more sad than this? If I could, I don't want to leave to be honest. But I'm trying to be tough and fly to Bandung. I had around 3 committees and a regeneration I joined during July to September. The lectures itself was being started around 20's of August which means I have to be wise in dealing with my time management. It's not easy, dude. Believe me, it's not easy. Especially for an ex-introvert and anti-organization girl like me.
The good news is after the 3 committees and the regeneration were over, there are around 2-3 committees have been waiting for me. I know it that it's myself that saying yes easily to people whenever they offer me to help them. But really, I just don't know how to say no in that kind of thing. I mean just like, she/he is my friend soo...it's little bit chary to say no. 
In this second year I learn lot of new thing. From the committees I joined and the lectures I took, I learn lot of thing. There's no sleeping at 10 p.m anymore. Thanks Lord that almost all of class I took is being held at noon. The first year is the most not-busy year. I still can walk from one cafe to another cafe and have lot of me time. But now, I have to face every examination, quizzes, practicum, tasks, practical reports and many more in second year that become the reasons why I don't post anything in this 3 months. 
If it sounds like I'm complaining, I'm sorry. To be honest, rather than complaining, I'm proud of myself. I'm still suck in every lectures I took indeed. But I'm enjoying it. I love almost all of the lectures in my second year. I'm not overslept anymore like I did on my first year. It seems like it's still too far to be a good lady. But hey, no matter how slow it is, I'm going to reach it right? Even I'm getting better in cooking. I will try my best lah. Well I guess it's enough for the cuap-cuap. The photos in this blog were taken during my second semester. In every committee I took, with my friend that has just finished their regeneration, at my inauguration night, and hours before my examination. 
All I can say in this mid 3rd semester is, I'm doing good enough and I really thank God for it. Eventhough I still make lot of mistakes and failures, I start to learn not to make it and try to be better day by day. So for those who is in examination week or feeling hard with your life, don't worry, don't blame yourself to much, life is getting harder indeed and examination included, but you have to be stronger too. Try to break your limits but don't force yourself too much. Remember to enjoy each second passed in your life. Because no matter how hard you try, it will not going back to you. I pray you a wonderful life and tough heart. Have a blessed!
warmest hug

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