Now is so hot

Holiday is come. My life feel better. Have tons of time for sleep is the best part of my life. Have I told you that I got the 7th rank in my school and got the 4th rank in my class? I feel so blessed. That's really a miracle. I'm not that genius (although my friends said I'm clever and of course I don't believe it). My class lost at the last futsal match. That's all because of me that can made a goal. Everyone cheered me up and said that was not my fault. But I still thought that I'm a loser. I'm despressed. But then, I realized. Maybe right that I'm a loser, but I can't be a loser forever. At the first defeat I cried in front of a lot people. But at the second defeat, I was smile. Cheered my friends although I almost cried too. Well, that was I learned from that defeat. By the way guys, don't you feel it's so hot in this last time? I almost burn everyday because of the weather. Please realized it. The global warming is more severe. What should we do to stop it? It's really not fun right? It's so hot right? Well fellas, I'm so sorry because the answer is we can't stop global warming. But we can decrease it. We don't need do a big thing. Just do a little thing. Stop littering. Separate the organic and non organic waste. Plant just one tree or flower. You don't need plant one thousand tree like what government said. Just one. And I think it's not hard to do right? If I plant one, and each of you plant one too, can you imagine how much tree that have we plant? And then you ask other person to plant a tree too, then that person ask other person, then the other person do the same thing and soon. How much tree that grow? Please love and protect our earth. If there's no earth, where will we live? There's nothing wrong from do the good things. I hope we can protect our earth together. I talk to much right? hahaha I hope you guys have a nice holiday. Enjoy it!;)

Quote: "If you're a loser, don't blame yourself. But rise. Do something worth and make yourself to be a winner" -Eka Theresia



  1. Pretty! :D and congratz for your achievement at school hehehe

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  2. congratz on the rankings!
    It's so funny people think that others are born smart, the truth is, some people just study harder.. am I right?

    The Sweetest Escape 

  3. Wow, Nice perspective, in this country which the gov 're messed. People should change their though and habbit to make things better.

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  4. Hello dear. You hv a nice dress. :) so cute! :D

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  5. wuhu, kelasnya kalah maen putsal ??
    kok cewek maen putsal ya..
    gpp eka, yang penting udah ngegolin satu gol juga
    next time coba lagi :P

    yap, mungkin udah masuk musim panas kali, jadi panas ..
    ditambah global warming jua ..

    nice post in english :D :D

  6. lovely outfit! <3

    i agree with you about the global warming. we need to start loving and protecting earth :)

  7. love the photos! u combined this outfit so perfectly!

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  8. Nice post dear! Love your dress :)

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  10. lovely photos :)


  11. cute shoes<3
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