Rujak Party! Goodbye Mr. Alfred

Oyahou gozaimasu minna! In this last time I post about many events that boring according to me. And now, I want post a fantastic event at my english course. That was Rujak Party! Guess who were the MC? They are Nandit and I! Bahahaha we were succeed be the MC. I really really enjoy this party! This not like a real party. But, that was cool! But that was the last time we met Mr. Alfred. He is a foreign from German. He's a kind guy. I really like him. I felt so sad cause he would back to German. How are you now Mr. Alfred? I'm sososososo miss you. I hope we can meet again. By the way, it's look like everyone was wrong about my post above. I'm still in 10th grade. I don't enjoy the last event and......... I still in senior high school. Still in a hell called school. Well, Just enjoy the photo below. The photos was edited by kak Andy. mhehehe. Yosh! Have a nice thursday everbody!

Our photos with Mr. Alfred

The Rujak Party!

Kak andy!

By the way, my photos was on display at my course! bahahaha I'm an artist.

P.S: When Ibal saw this photos he said "You look the shortest" same like what my mom said-_-


  1. this post is cool <3 mind to follow each other? 

  2. Nice pictures.. he seems very nice. =D

  3. fun photos :)
    i think your hair is cute :)


  4. sometimes I can't deal with goodbye.. but maybe there's a reason for everything, right? you will meet him again one day!

    have a nice day