Child's Holiday Week

Before I tell you about the story, let me give the deepest condolences to Lee family because Sungmin's grandma has passed away last night. May God give the strength for the family. Be strong Sungmin, be strong Sungjin, be strong Lee family. May God give the best place for their grandma.
Allright, let's talk about Child's Holiday Week. This is an old post. I should post this story last month. But it’s okay, I keep post it. This is about an event on my church. Methodist Hosana. This event is for all children in my city. They will play a lot of game and praise&worship God. I be the teacher for them. Can you imagine it? I lead a group called Yordan. In my group there are 20 children that lead by me and 3 others teacher. Don’t think I don’t love this event so I don’t post it. Noo, you’re wrong, dude. I really love this event. This is the best memory ever that I won’t forget. I really love kids. Althought they’re so naughty and hyperactive, I still love them. My children in my group was sosososo hyperactive, especially the boys. And especially a boy named Marcelino. Marcelino always made me scream like “Marcelinoooooo shit down pleaseee”, “Marcelino, don’t you hear me?”, “Marcelino, I’ll eat you if you don’t do what I said”. Bahahaha Marcelino is a 5th grade student on elementary school. I never get mad with him. I really love see Marcelino never hear what I said. That boy really an interesting boy. He is a kind boy. He said “the water game is not fun. The teacher never follow it” and I said, “who said? I will follow it” his face look surpriced and...... happy when I said my words. “You don’t lie, right?” he said. “No, I don’t” I said. “Promise me?” he offered me his little finger. “you can trust me” and I hooked my little finger with him. Don’t you think he is so cute behind his bad attitude? When the water game almost started, I talked to him. “Marcelino, I think I can’t follow the water game”.  Guess what? His face look disappointed and he said, “you have promised me”. I said, “but I can’t”. You know what he said? He said, “I don’t care about that. You have to join it. You have promised me” a glance I feel he look so cool when said that words. Just like the boys in my comics. He will grow be a cool guy. The other kid that made me feel happy although I really exhausted is Evelyn Jo. This girl is like Siwon’s daughther on his drama “Oh My Lady”. This girl is sososososo cute>< when we met on Sunday (after the event), he called me. “Teacher, may I have your phone number?” She look so cute when say that words. Oh, there’s Jessica Tanoto. The most cool than other kids. She’s so kind too. And there’s a troublemaker in my group. Christine. This girl made Jessica Tanoto cried. She have a bad attitude. More than Marcelino. That’s the most interesting kids in my groups. All of them are interesting. Ricky, Sally, Deva, Devi, Ricky, etc. (I forget their name. At that they I can memorize all but now...... I really have a bad memory). Well, that’s all about Child Holiday Week. The most wonderful time in my life. I feel like a mom and a real teacher when I faced them. Oh, by the way. I want to make my online shop. Do you have any idea for the name? The online shop is for kpop. Yeah, still for kpop because I doubt I have much time to open the fashion online shop. I don’t have any time to design an uniqe fashion stuff. As you know and as like what I always says, senior high school make me feel like an artist. They are many homework, project and examination. I almost don’t have time to enjoy my teenager life. Dear school, dear teacher, dear government, dear calendar, I need more red date a.ak holiday fo hibernate. Wish me luck for my online shop^^ It will released next week. For you who kpopers you can visit my online shop. I’ll give the link later. I will sell Super Junior and Bigbang T-shirt first. Happy weekend readers. Have a fabulous weekend. And I....... I’ll spend my weekend with my homework. Aja aja fighting! (english: go, go fighting!)




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