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Yes I am in guilt for making my homework in the middle of the night but better late than never right? (of course it is an assignment, an obligation). This post will be dedicated for my assignment, again. This time I will talk about my idea for our final project. I know, how time flies and now it is 5 weeks left for final examination *sob*. I choose transportation as main issue in this project. As we all know, Indonesia is a country where traffic congestion could happen because of the traffic light. Traffic light in Indonesia does not has any accurate duration and most of them are being set without any smart consideration. As addition, the most embarrassing issue in Indonesia related to the traffic light is...so many broken traffic light exist without being repaired as soon as possible by whoever-that-take-this-responsibility. Here are some link that you can access to be proofs that traffic light take a big role in traffic congestion. Proof one, proof two, well I just have to proofs hehe. Go google it by yourself, k?

So our idea is to make a smart traffic light! Yey! This smart traffic light is smart. of course. It knows how to calculate duration of red light, yellow light or green light. It will calculate the length and the amounts of vehicle on the streets and estimate the duration of every light. Well, I have not done yet. This smart traffic click clack (read: light) will also save the data of every duration along with the time, weather and length of vehicle. This data will be used for making regulation, or so whatever that is related. Oh, our click clack will also able to communicate each other so this system will really really effective in combating traffic congestion. We will use Arduino UNO to make prototype for this project. It seems really hard isn't it? So, please wish me a genius brain and strong body to go through this semester! 

You can see the picture below that illustrate how the system will work. We already have a general plan to make the system. We will use ultrasonic sensor to calculate the length and amount of the vehicles and humidity sensor to calculate current temperature. For data transfer, we will use wi-fi modul. For the lamps? Of course LCD. For the main brain that control all of the components, we will use Arduino UNO. We are still thinking about other components. Well, just see what we can do then. I am done with this entry, wishing you nice dream!

P.S : all of the photos are from pexels.com

sleepy-not sleeping beauty-girl,
Eka Theresia Kartika Suri

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