24-hour Retreat

Because they say high school is the worthiest time in your life
Because every smile and tear will come more in high school
Because you will find who you are in high school
Because every photo you have in high school, will bring smile to you
Because every smile in high school photo means you are happy

Sooooo here I am. Trying to be a good blogger and keep my promise to post about my 24-hour retreat for the next post. Howdy everyone? Does everything go well? I thought I will have a long holiday after national examination ended. But I was wrong. There's no holiday. I have to go to the course for preparing my university entrance examination and last week I went to Jakarta for Mitsui Bussan Scholarship written test. What a tiring day. But schooling is the most tiring activities ever. Guess what? I don't miss school at all hahaha

It's hard to accept the fact that I'm not in holiday but at the time that I have to study by myself. Solving hundreds of questions and learning at home. I don't do those things that I mention above. Hah!

That's the problem. Too lazy. Too lame brain. Can I pass any university? duh.

Well, I shouldn't talk about it. I should talk about the 24-hour retreat right? The 24-hour retreat was amazing! I want more to be honest. Spending nigh with your schoolmates is cool, dude. We were chit and chatting, taking selfie here and there, laughing out loud and sleeping late night. Yes yes yes, I really love that time.

The place was beautiful also. It was green and so natural. I hope I can visit it again someday. The only thing that I dislike was the food. It was spicy and I don't ever like spicy food. It's kind a torture for me. I was hungry and all they have was spicy food. I can't stand itT____T

We arrived around 3 p.m and I felt excited seeing the beautiful place where we'd spend our 24-hour retreat. I went with black tee, jeans, cap, and flat shoes. It was so simple yet I love it! The air was so fresh that I could breath well and felt so calm. Many trees, beautiful flower and green yield are the best things to refresh your mind. This 24-hour retreat was a refreshing after tiring day at school indeed.
Outfit Of That Day
My hair was kind a messy because of the long trip. I didn't sleep during that 3 or 4 or 5 hours trip. I keep taking photo of those who were sleeping haha
We are that kind that we introduce you the bathroomXD
In one room, there are 8 beds. One person one bed. It was fun! We felt like living in a dorm.Oh how I wish I spend my high school living in a dorm. But it's okay. At least I know how it feels living in a dorm right? One night is enough (trying to make myself sure). For those who live in a dorm, you are lucky, dude! How I envy you.

After taking photos, the retreat was started. We praised God, we prayed, we worshiped Him and listened to His words. I decide to not post the photos. It was taken by other people (although I was in documentation division) so it feels weird posting photos without any permission (I don't who in the earth who took the photos).

It feels just so so until the night. We worshiped God again. But at that time, there's healing and mental preparation for the examination. I was not crying at first and felt so weird hearing they cried so hard. But then I remember Lidwina (my friend who suffered cancer and had just passed away last week. Yes, I'm in mourning now) and I started to cry. If other people were praying for forgiveness, I did the same thing but I cry because I prayed for Lidwina. But then I cry so hard praying for everything that is hard to be explained. The best part of this revival worship is the campfire! We burnt our sins there! woohoo! How I love it. We walked around the campfire, sang lot of Christian songs and throw our sins (that was we wrote on the paper before praying) to the campfire. I know throwing the paper means nothing. But hey, we've prayed and I believe God do listen to us and has forgave us. 
 Selfie again
Nandit and I were photo bombing at that night. There are lot of our photos at that time. When one class want to take a photo, we come and ruined it. They can't take a photo without us haha maybe there's class that has no photo without us. Sorry for it. But we really enjoyed it;p 
 I though this one is cute. What do you think? (this is photo bombing too. that's why it looks weird)
 photobombing the Science-5 photo session. I shouted "make your finger five for science 5!" and we ruined their photo sessionXD
Siska were photo bombing us haha
In the morning, before the last worship started, we walked around the location and taking photos. I've told you that the place was so beautiful right? 
 I know I should talk more about the retreat on this blog so I will not forget this worth moment. But the problem is, I've forgotten some part and I'm too lazy to write since it's late night already. I'm too sleepy and tomorrow have to go to the course. Wish me tons of blessings for my life! Have a blessed life and good night!;)



  1. looks so much fun, makes me miss high school :)


  2. HEY EKA! (or "one" :p) looks like you're cute and sweet :3 hahahah,
    i think you're a photogenic too, don't you?

    when i see your photos, i miss my retreat time a years ago, I miss all my friends (because i move to another school) , especially miss my boy-friendss... yeah it's not "boyfriend" it's boy-friends (because my school is Homogeneous, which is just girl students there.. ) i miss socialize with any boy-friend.. hope i don't become a girl who fear or feel awkward with any boy, huhh

    i love your blog too! with the relaxing sound (usually i hates song on the blog, but neither with yours ;) )

  3. great pictures! i bet it was a fun day xx

    Letters To Juliet

  4. lovely pics! u had great fun!
    Hope you'll have time to stop also on my blog for my latest post
    Nameless Fashion Blog