3 Hours in the Jungle

So, what's up everyoneeee?! Really miss this blog atmosphere. I'm in holiday now since the 3rd grade face their school examination. But, honestly, I don't feel I have any holiday. Why? Why? Why? Because in this holiday I must wake early everday and go for shooting or dance practicing. Even I can't write, blogging or anything else that should be my daily activity in holiday. Until next month (maybe) my life will be very very busy. ugh. The most terrible is I even didn't study yet for facing my mid semester examination next week. Ah, eottohkae? (How to do?-Korean) I do tired, dying, and sick with all of this. But I need to hold on. Fyuh. It's hard being shs student. I just delayed doing Mirza's physics homework because I'm very sleepy now. (Mirza asked me to do his homework) Yesterday I slept on 2 a.m and I want sleep early tonight since tomorrow so many thing to do. Waaaaaaah I'm stress><

Next week is examination week and my dance auditionTT I forget how it is feel being a teenager. So, do you guys doing good? I hope you guys don't feel what I feel now. This is ruin my life. Really.

Anyway, for you that follow me on Instagram surely know that I won Regency Science pre-Olympiad. I got the 1st rank in TI subject. Feel sosososososo blessed! Yihaaaa! I need to face the REAL olympiad next month on 2. Wish me luck everyone. I hope I can enter the Province Science Olympiad. It will be very great if I can get the 1st rank. But the bad news is.....I even didn't study during this one week holiday. No, no. That's not because I'm lazy. Maybe little. But the real reason is I'm too busy. *cry*

Last Tuesday, I went to Bumi Perkemahan in Sibolangit for tracking. This event was held by the committee of district 1 of my church. I do love that event! Feel so fun and so natural. I could feel the fresh air, the green plants, the trees, the soil, the water, and so on! I can heard gurgling water. It was a little bit hard but not too hard for me. I fall in love with the scenery in the jungle. Seems fun if I can live in the jungle for a while. I just felt free there. I didn't think about film, assignment, dance, olympiad, school, future and everything that always spinning in my head. I forgot it all. I want stay there for a while. A little bit longer. Stay and feel how great is this God's creature. Seems great.

At the end I look so messed. Hahahaha But I do enjoy it! My hand was hurt because there was leech that suck my blood. But don't worry. I'm okay;--) well, that's all! Good night everyone.



  1. ouch! leech it's something that I worry most!
    Is it very hurt? how to get it off your hands???


    1. No. It's not hurt. You even don't feel any hurt. Suddenly you just realized that there's a scar there. But be careful of leech. It will be very dangerous if it enter your body. idk how it enter my hand. You know, i was in the jungle at the time=)

  2. looks sooo much fun


  3. great pictures *_* your blog looks very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  4. ahhhh why didn't you ask me to go with you ?? really want to go for some adventures like thaatt D:
    anyway, you look like a junior highschooler in that green uniform kkkk~ cute !
    get well very soon handies :)


    1. Well, we can go together with siwon someday.lol ah really? hahaha thanks mei=)

  5. wow.. very nice picts here =)
    seems like you've got a very amazing adventure, dear !!
    lovely blog of your life..

    this is really a cute blog !!
    OH my.. you are must be soo adorable girl =)

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  6. Hi lovely, yes i live in medan. Glad to know that you live here too. That's nice :)
    the cafe is located in sunggal. if you want to know more about the cafe, you can read it here : http://onceuponacup.blogspot.com/2013/03/rumah-kami-medan.html :)


  7. Awww seems fun..
    Visit my blog sometimes! Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!

  8. wow i believe that is great experience!


  9. You have a nice blog.
    Now I'm your new follower on GFC
    Hope you can follow back mine too
    Can't wait your new post dear :)