Hello, 16th.

Bye 15th.
Hello fellas.
Hello from me that now is a 16 years old girl. Right on last November 18th, I become a 16 years old girl. I hate being older. Well, nothing special on last November 18th. Just do lot of idiocy with the idiot Debi and Sisca. At the early morning my family woke me up and give a little fabulous surprise.
Birthday cake from my family{}
 There's nothing inside the box.
 Gift from my lilbro!
 Holding the zep's gift. Thankyou yaaa;--)
 With the idiot debi{}
 My mom's behind! hahaha can you see my laptop's background? Siwonnie{}
 The headphone is from my lilbro. The Nemo lamp from zep!
 We are sosososososo idiot.
 Honestly in my laptop there's Minwoo's face.
This one is sososososo LMAO!
 Can we cll it as photoshoot?
 Look my tired face u,u
 I don't know that Debi took this photo. But, I love it la.
 Taken by Sisca. 
 My expression is sososososo LMAO!
Well, now I do a 16 years old girl la. 

See that cakes? That's cupcakes made by Debi. The cakes is not cooked. But, thanks Debi!
On last Saturday I just faced a news reading competition. Let's talk bout it at the next post. Thankyou for reading^^ 

Have a nice week!


  1. Cuuute cake. Happy sweet sixteen. :)
    I love reading your posts.
    I am a long time follower,
    I hope you can follow back.

  2. Happy B'day Eka!! wow we were born in the same month :) We're November girls. Have the best day and enjoy your month ^^

    1. Really? Then happy birthday to you kak put^^ Sorry for being so late hehehe

  3. happy happy 16th birthday, dearest Eka
    it looks like you had so so much fun considering all the smiley faces in practically every single pic :)
    have a great year ahead!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  4. Waw masih 16 ya...
    Salam kenal ya... aku masih 17 wokkoko