Rujak Party! We miss Mr. Alfred! Good Afternoon, ms. Eka

Yahoo! Long time no talk here. I'm busy with my daily life in this life time. Busy with school, course and....teaching. Yeah, I'm a teacher now. I teach at my English course. I teach the elementary school. Feels sosososososo fantastic! Now, the kids call me Ms. Eka. When I teach the class, the kids will greet me and say, "Good afternoon Ms. Eka" Oh yeah, I'm so happy. Overall, I enjoy my life. Cause I was so busy, there's no time for take photo for outfit post. Well, maybe two next week. After I finish my mid term. In this last time I feel difficult speak in every language. I speak in 3 languages. Really. I speak in Bahasa Indonesia, Hokkien and English. I learn French also. Maybe that's why I feel difficult. Maybe. Anyway, last sunday my course held Rujak Party. Without Mr. Alfred. Yeah, we miss Mr. Alfred. He said maybe next year he'll come to Indonesia again. He said that he want to move here but still doubt cause there's no job for him. I can't wait longer to see him again. He's an amazing man. Cause I'm not the MC anymore, I can take lot of photos. Muehuehuehuehue. So, here is it. 

Nandit with messed me;33
My messed face
Spelling Competition!
Ganbatte Christ Stevan!
Go! Go! Andry Go!
The winner! Congrats Andry!
buahahahaha my lilbro!
The genius Inggrid speak in English!
Performance by Andry's class! 
Dina sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
English tips!
Awesome grace reading poem!
 From the general class
The next dancer!
 The other next dancer!
The super cute Christ Stevan!
 With Christ!
With my lilbro!
Ihiiii the cute girls!
the beautiful princesses;33
 My lilbro: "do you like the rujak, miss?"
the rujak!<333 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
The party is finish!
Goodbye kids!

Well, that's all bout the Rujak Party. Hihi;3 have a nice wednesday!\m/