Oh dear, I'm back.

Can I back to the childhood? When everything look so easy and....wonderful.

Bon nuit. 
I'm back. Back from examination and...maybe my desperate day. When I back to school on 29th August, on 30th August I have daily examination. Of course my daily examination isn't same like the other school do. My daily examination is same with the national examination. And for the remedial my school use e-learning. My school is so kind right? I didn't enjoy my holiday. Though it was holiday I still busy with church activities. Everyday I went to the church for prepared my church birthday. Thanks God. It was done so great. But anyway, my examination wasn't done that great. I got 87 for my computer, 95 for English, 90 for religion, 93 for physics, 83 for chemistry, 90 for french and....the worst is 60 for math. Let me guess, you're think that I'm crazy right? You're think that really a good score except math right? Well, I should get 100 for all of that subject but see what I got? No, I'm not a perfectionist girl. But I have studied hard. I'm sure I could get 100 but that was I get? I'm stressful. What is the worst? My friend that didn't study and just slept when the teacher was teaching got higher score than me. Oh well, I feel like. This is so unfair. Hufttt. But there's a very very very good news. On last Thursday, my English teacher asked me to teach in my English course. Oh yeah! I'm so happy of course. I promise I'll do my best and be a great teacher. I won't disappointed anyone. Geez, I have told you many boring story. I didn't take any photoshoot cause I'm so busy. Maybe next 2 week I'll post bout fashion. I'm waiting for my rings from Novi's onlineshop. You can check it @BiBoshop on Twitter. The photos for this post is..... my selca with new hair, sisca's birthday, photo for debi's birthday and X1's memories:" here we go!

Shall we start from X1 memories? I got the photos from Ilham's phone. These are when we are made our own garden:') I miss X1 so badly. My crazy class.
This little girl was trying to hoe the land;--p

Cita&I<33 p="p">


I celebrate Sisca's birthday when fasting time hahahaha

Happy birthday, ndut!<333 p="p">

My selca!\m/

In cafe with my ugly face muehuehuehue

Before I went to school, I took a selca kkk~

At school. Before went to tutoring.
Webcam-ing at home.

My messy hair at my cousin's home.

With this handsome young boy! Agung Dermawan<333 p="p">

With Ilam, Mutya&Nisca. Feel like I was in X1.

 With the cute Mutya;3

With beautiful Nisca and Ilham behind. hihi

That's all my selca. hihi;3 So ugly, huh? And yesterday was Debi's birthday. We didn't celebrate it yet. It's a secret. Well, we'll celebrate it tomorrow. Just wait for the photos. Now I'll be busy making Nisca's blog header. Thanks for reading this post. I face a really bad day. But I'm okay;3 Still can laugh out loud and enjoy this life. Cause however, if life isn't hard, you'll never know how to be mature. Thanks God for everything you got. I want back to my childhood, but I'm sure there's something better in the future than my childhood. God had planned a wonderful life for my future. I'll survive. Cause I believe, everything will be wonderful at the right time. Have a nice weekend fellas! Á bientôt.

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  1. welcome back dear..
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