Mr. Cuber

It's popular now. In my class. In my school. Playing cube.

Who is the first girl that start study cube in my class? I think it's me. Who the last girl that can playing cube? that's me. Really me. Well, now you can call me Mr. Cuber. Bahahaha. No, no, I'm not a master. Really. I just can solve the 3x3x3 layer and 2x2x2 layer. That's not amazing. Not extraordinary. I'm not an amazing girl, not an extraordinary girl. But Rahmat do. He is the real amazing boy, the real extraordinary boy. Not girl, not. He is a boy, not a girl. But I am. I'm a girl. Let's call him Mr. Cuber xoxo. He is the master. The greatest one. See what he taught to me;)

All of that finished by me. Eka Theresia Kartika Suri. yeay! B-)

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