Me with Sisca, we listen Super Junior's song

Konichi! :)
Look that photo! that's me with sisca when we listen to the music together :3 Viena take the photo on saturday xoxo well, I wanna talk about 'yesterday' ;;) I really want post about yesterday from last night. But, my modem really want fight with me. huh. So, just check out this pictures!

This is my school :))

Of course the first I come to my school hehe

After that, I go to XI science 1. I don't go to my class (X-1) because teacher ask us to move here.

SEbelas iPA saTU

And then?
And then we study civic first. We do debate. I have a hot debate with Iqbal xoxo I'm so happy. Next lesson is math. We study about "logarithm" I don't pay attention to the teacher and tweeting as much as I want :p But I still understand what she teach. But, the next I don't understand haha all of my friends are not understand too. muahaahaha

logarithm haha

Sisca talk to fiena cause she doesn't understand haha

Fransisca discuss with dewi and nandit

Everyone who pay attention hoho

Sisca look really confuses =))

They're gossip :O about the.... logarithm! hahaha

When the teacher changed, see what the other one do. See play 'rubrik' wahahaha!!

My note :))

Tidy :3

Next, next! time for rest time tadaaaaaa we though that we can home. But our leader say we can't home :s make us confuses

They confuses we can home or no haha


We Keep Study!!! >:O

Because I feel bored, I play 'rubrik' hoho but can't solve it-___-

Just can solve one side-___-

Denny, our leader do the same things with me :3

Wanna know what I bring in my bag?


See what I found!!

Well, the the bell ringing. The lesson changed! Economy now! but I don't bring the book. So I borrow it from titin :p

Economy Lesson

The next dude!! That's english!! And I don't bring the book too!! so how? Fortunately, the teacher didn't come xoxo I'm sososososo lucky! So, this our activity when the teacher absent.

Rahmat teach Ilham to play "rubrik"

Shinta with her blackberry-___-

Rahmat's students

This finished by hmmm rika or siska or gita haha I don't know.-.

Finished by Fiqih :))

Well, That's all about yesterday!!! hahaha

Sisca :D

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