Just backed from course for teaching. And I feel like....I want to stop everything in my life. I will be 17 in this November, will face national examination next year, will enter a university and bla bla bla. I'm really sick with all of this. I haven't ready yet for 17 years old, for university, for national examination and whatever is that. Maybe I'm girl that have a Peterpan Syndrome. Because I really hate the fact that I have to grow up. I'm afraid of being grow up. Well, I know I'm weird. Today's class was like usual. They are all monster. The kids I mean. But I enjoy myself with them (though I'm dying now). Because I have to focus to my national examination, it means I have to resign as soon as possible. I just don't want leave that job. Not because the salary (maybe a little) but I will miss those kids. I really hate the fact that time runs.

In this last time, I lost my passion of everything. In writing, in dreaming, in everything. I always try my best to make myself keep on fire. But it seems useless. I always feel lifeless. Everyday, everytime. I know this happen to others. Especially those who is in the same grade with me. Confuse. Yes, I'm confuse, stress, and hopeless. I don't know where will I continue my study. Mom said that maybe being a teacher is not bad. But I don't want to be a teacher. Dad said maybe be a doctor. But really, I ever had remedial in my biology test. All I want is something about computer, programming, software, design, game and rest of them. Yes, I want to continue my life in IT program. But my parents don't allowed me. Hufffttt all my talents are there. Well, just wait how the result is. I hope I can get the best one:)

So many bad thing happened from my mom stepped my laptop until it broke, I lost every passion of mine, and the school is already started. But doesn't mean I don't have any good thing happened. I have more good thing that bad thing in my life. Hihihi Thanks God for everything happen in my life:) So here is me with my sweater and my mom's blazer. Mom doesn't know that I used her blazer hihihi sorry mom:p hopefully I can post more photos next days though I will be very busy.
Anyway, have you known that I have new friend named Gugu? Yes, she is a guitar. I bought it with my own effort in last olympiad hahaha isn't she looks hot? Some of my friends call her with "the Sexy Red" lol hahaha 

Sorry if my face look weird and I look darker hehehe anyway, you can find the sweater in Hana Belle Shop on facebook:) Have a nice day/dream everyone!:^) be blessed:)



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