How My 2013 Should Be.

So how is your 2013? Is it great? Well, mine is just so so. My phone is still not finish yet. I've asked my mom for a new phone but I don't know she still give it to me or not. The good news from 2013 is I've bought a new modem! Yihaaaa! So happy. Cause I can't post about outfit post so I just post about my goals for this year. So here we go!

☀ Be a better person. (Don't mad easily, don't cry easily)
☀ Be better in worshiping God.
☀ Buy new modem.     
☀ Be a better fangirl.
☀ Open an Online Shop
☀ Be a better fashion blogger. (update min. once a week)
☀ Reach 500 followers on blog.
☀ Buy a guitar.
☀ Play guitar fluently.
☀ Pass the Computer Province Science Olympiad.
☀ Enter the Computer National Science Olympiad.
☀ Be a better teacher.
☀ Following TOEFL test.
☀ Get TOEIC certificate.
☀ Speak French better.
Speak Korean and write Hangeul well.
☀ Enter the top 5 rank.
☀ Enter STEI ITB on next simulation.
☀ Publish a novel.
☀ Buy SLR.
☀ Speak Japanese well.
☀ Being professional in editing video.
☀ Meet Rachel.
☀ Have a fabulous sweet 17.

Well, that's all my goals. I've reached one of them. Buy a new modem. I've already bought it. Feel so blessed. Thanks Jesus. Okay, that's all! Have a nice week^^ Have a fabulous 2013!^^



  1. well you interested in many language yaw!
    that's super fab! :D
    good luck with your goals :)
    happy new year and have another great year in 2013 !

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  2. hope you can reach your resolution. I'm learning Japanese also haha
    have a nice day!


  3. You have such cute blog theme! good luck with your goals, sweetie! Happy new year! :) Anyway, would you like to follow each other? just let me know! x

    xoxo, The Sassy Theory

  4. nice lists dear ^^


  5. happy late new yearrr! anyway i am now followimg you, if you like my blog you can follow me back :D

  6. thx for the comment and visiting my blog :)
    goodluck for you resolution dear!
    yes we can :) let me know if you already follow mine <3

  7. hope that you're new year's wishes will do come true :)
    followed you dear ..