First Week in the Jail

Hey. Good night.
When I write this post it's night here. Oh, wait a minute. Don't think the bad things when you read my title post. That is just a metaphor. The school already started from last Monday. And my phone just back this morning. I hope I have enough time for photoshoot. Yeah, I hope. I doubt I can post an outfit post during next day. I'm too busy because of school. I just started school for a week but it feel like I was in the jail for thousand years. There are so many homework! Even when I type this post, I'm trying to finish my French homework and worry about my Bahasa Indonesia homework. I should have a photoshoot this afternoon, but because I need to finish my Bahasa Indonesia assignment so I have to delay it. Please forgive me. My brother as busy as me.  So it's hard to have a photoshoot:( And as you know, my day is super busy. Course, teaching, and club ruin my beautiful teenager life. And now I have lot of assignment. The most disturb me is making an amateur film. An assignment from my Bahasa Indonesia teacher. Heard fun but it means that more spare time for that task. I have no spare time anymore because course almost everyday, then I teaching, and have an IT club. There's no more time to write. I need to write a novel but it seems hard since there's no spare time for meT^T And just now one of my friend asked me to be her English teacher. She want to take a private course with me. What to do? *sigh* Once again, forgive me. I don't mean to be a bad blogger that never keep her promise. I'm not kind of that person. I'm kind of person that will keep my promise. Really. So for my redeemer error, I'll post you about my daily instagram. You can follow me @.ekatheresia on instagram^^

Can you see lot of my homework?:(

 For teaching:""") 

 Learn Korean!\m/

Oh, is there anyone want to peep my 2013 notebook? here you go!
My husband! *eh*

Trying to find the title for my novel. I hope it can publish this year:")

Yes! I'm a super busy teenager. But though I lamented too much in this post, I feel I'm a great little girl now. Why? Of course because when the other spend their time for lot of useless thing, I'm busy with school and my career. I also busy prepare my study. I want to continue my study to abroad. Do you guys any suggestion for me where to school? I want study in Australia, South Korea or Finland. My friend said that study in Finland is so fun. Because there's no examination and assignment. Is it right?

And then I want to ask you again. hihihi do you know a good software for video editing? If you know the good one please tell me. I need it for my assignment in making amateur film. I'll do my best to be a great video-editor, actress and art director! Wish my group and I luck! Wish us can make a great film so you guys can watch it^^ 

Have you guys know Anastasia Sianatar's sister instagram? Check it now and you will find lot of cute photos of Kewpie! What? What is Kewpie? Hihihi Kewpie is......



And this!!!

Okay, enough. I've got crazy. You can check her @mmehuillet on Instagram. You can get this Kewpie in Franch, Benelux, Japan, Korea, China and USA. Yes, there's no in Indonesia. And that make me feel so pathetic. I want them so badly! You can buy it on Sonny Angel's website. Go shop there and buy one or two or three for me. I would feel sososososososo more than happy if you want buy it for me. 

Ah, my dad ask me to go to dreamland now. My French assignment is not finish yet. Hahahaha Well, good night readers. Have a good day for tomorrow. Whenever you are and whatever happen, keep smile. Face everything with you brightness smile. Yes, yes. That smile. You look beautiful. Don't forget about your dream. Wake up! Stop dreaming. Now is the time to make your dream come true. Not dreaming. Oh, before we work I think we should sleep first. Good night my beloved readers wherever you are^^ here is a wise word from me to you.



  1. that pics of your notes reminds me of high school :p
    Kewpie is sooo cute, it would be fun if they were alive haha


  2. Cute kewpies!

    Would you like to follow each other?:)

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  4. Hello, by the nice post for the life of busy :)), any i have the one that you should know about the greater editing video and that's Sony Vegas 10. You can google if you interest.