Daily Me

Finally outfit post! Hahahaha This is my first outfit post in 2013. And I know this one is the worse one. Sorry for make you disappointed because of this outfit post. I just want to show you the real me in the real life. Yup. That's why I titled this post with daily me. So this me in my daily life. I love using oversized shirt, jeans and sneakers. For the other fashion blogger and other fashionable girl, they already left an old fashion but not too old called jeans. But not for me. I still use jeans. However, I'm a jeans lover. 

In this post I wore a jacket since in this last time I love using jacket for protect my skin become darker. lol. hahahaha Bunch of activity make me must having relationship with the sun. Everyone said that I'm darker. Errr 
One of my daily style is the photo above. Look at my hair. If it feel hot then I'll make my hair into the style below. Hahahaha

But if it not too hot then I'll make a ponytail.

Yes, you're right. I have a boyish manner. I use simple clothes. I have lot of dress but I choose shirt. I have lot of pants but I prefer jeans. I have lot of heels and wedges but I'll use sneakers or kets. hohohoho

Some people said that beauty is pain. Well, for those that never feel that they're beautiful, they will say it. But for me, beauty is being yourself. Beauty is when you feel comfort. To be honest, I never feel comfort when I wear heels or wedges. Some people feel comfort with heels and they will feel weird when didn't use heels. Well, everyone have different opinion.

I would let my hair loose when I think my hair looked beautiful or if the weather is cool. 

What do you think about my bag? That's cool right? I love my new bag hahahaha. Simple and cool. I like it. I'm so sorry for the bad editing. I'm in hurry cause I have bunch of homework but didn't finish anything yet. And now I must to go to church for worship. See? I'm a super-busy little girl. 

So here is the detail of my outfit today.
Peter Says Denim jacket
 Brother's shoes.
New bag from my mom.

Well, how about yours? Are you a boyish girl same like me or a real girl that love heels and wedges? I hope I can fall in love with dress, or anything about girl. But I can't. It's hard. lol. hahahaha wear whatever you feel comfort with. Then you will look beautiful;)  

"You will look beautiful if you wear something that you comfort with. Beauty is not pain. Beauty is something that make you feel comfort. Wear something that make you feel comfort then you will look beautiful no matter what." -Eka Theresia Kartika Suri 

Happy Sunday!


  1. That red looks really nice on you! I am a bit of both. I love sports so I guess I am a tomboyish style, but dressing up is something I love too!

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  2. Great post, your blog is amazing dear <333
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    Love, Anna


  3. Ohhh, it looks like you're floating - cool effect! But how long does it take you to do all those?!


    1. I need about 2 hours to edit this hehehehe maybe shorter.

  4. dear, I just nominated you for Liebster award, go check my post :) http://nonarinii.blogspot.com/2013/01/liebster-award.html

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  6. being true is the most important thing to dress up our self. Yeah, I love jeans too! (:


  7. cute picts dear :)
    and the last selca too much cute hehe.
    I'm following you already

  8. great outfit dear! love the red
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  9. super cute :)
    dress up with something comfortable x)

  10. You looks cool in the red color :)

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  12. nice bag :D it suits the outfits much !
    love it !


  13. boyish look! :)

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  14. your bag and your red shoes is cool! love that!

    have a nice day, eka! :D


  15. that bag is pretty! :)
    and I am definitely a girly girl who loves her skirts and dresses!
    i think what's so great about fashion is that is away of expressing yourself. so if boyish is your thing, you do what you do best, Eka!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  16. cute! would you like to follow each other? let me know!

  17. red is always cool! :D

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