Daddy Big Teddy

God in the heaven, I wish nothing for this Christmas. I just ask you to give lot of happiness for my dad. Just lot of happiness.
Sorry because I didn't keep my promise. I promise you I'll post about outfit post for the next post but there's no outfit post. I'm sorry for my lack. Actually, I already had photoshoot from last week (after examination) but I think the photos is not good enough. My mom is not very good in photograph. That's why I didn't post it. And I was too busy with my futsal competition. Hahahaha yes, I'm a futsal player. So I couldn't take any photoshoot. The other reason is....my phone is broken! Yes I used my phone to do photoshoot. I have no slr. That's why my photos is the low quality one. I have no choice. Seems like mischance come to me insistently. Wanna know how is my report? I'm the 14th in the class and school. Last semester I'm the 4th in the class and the 7th in the school. This pathetic find my self didn't enter the top 10. I felt like I lost my identity. I'm sick of myself. But this morning I read Nandit's status on facebook and realized that I'm awesome enough. Yes I'm a 14th in the class and in the school. But what my friends know, I know. What they can, I can. What I know, they don't. What I can, they can't. I can blogging but they can't. I can take an amazing shot, they can't. They know logarithm, I know. They can speak french, I can. I can speak hokkien, they can't. I'm a teacher, they're not. And I understand, though I'm not the 1st, though I'm the last, I'm awesome enough. God already gave me lot of talent. The reason why I can't got 6th top rank is because I'm a lazy bone. I never listen what my teacher taught. I just study when tomorrow is examination. Well, that's miracle I can got 14th grade. I realized that I'm clever enough lol hahahaha Iga said she envy with me that have lot of talent. Well, I have a fan. Hahahaha now is 24th of December. Tomorrow is Christmas. Happy Christmas eve for you all of the Christian. This Christmas is not the good one for me. Err I don't have any Christmas spirit. I don't know why. Well, forget it. Now I want to talk about my big teddy. My dad. He is my hero, my breathe, my idol, my everything. Without dad I'll die. I know when I told dad that I didn't enter the top 10 rank he was disappointed. But he didn't show it to me and just said "It's okay. This is life. Don't regret it. Just make sure you'll do better for next time. You're score is very good. Rank is nothing". He kept support me. I thank God for having such a great dad like him. Dad and I already passed lot of hard thing. I know him well more than anyone know him. Though people said my dad is a bad guy, I'll show them that my dad is the best dad ever. The one that know him well is me, right? The other people don't know my dad as well as I know him. The one that will cry when I cry is dad. The one that will die when I die is dad. Dad will do everything for me. I love my dad more than anything that breathe in this world. I live just because I want to make my dad proud of me. I want to make him to be the happiest dad in the world. Have you guys ever watch "The Pursuit of Happiness" film? That man is look like my dad. The way he fight, the way he take care of his son, and the way he survive is the way how is my dad. My dad is a fat man hahahahaha and the funny one. He taught me how to swim. He taught me how to play football. He told me that I'm beautiful. Yes, I love him so. I try this hard because of dad. I do the good things because of dad. Dad don't know that I love him so. Because I always shout to him and act like a jerk hahahaha sorry dad. I don't mean to do it but you always look peeve dad. When I'm on the top and be dad's best daughter, I'll say how I love dad:''''') aaah I almost cry:''') err so here is my photos with dad.
This is old photo. When we were in vacation when I wan in Junior High School.

Maybe I'll post the outfit post on 26th of December (maybe). Anyway, in this last time I'm learning Korean. Hahahaha It's hard you know. I even say Gha with Kah in the same pronunciation. Hahahaha I'm dying study Korean but I won't give up. Once again, Happy Christmas eve!^^ Wish a a fabulous Christmas.



  1. a pic with your Dad, that's so sweet.
    Haha I am Korean stuff (drama, style etc) lover.
    Maybe next year I will start learning it :p


  2. Awww lovely post. I love my dad too. He is hero and if you read my last 2nd last post. He proved to be my hero , he saved me my picnic O.o
    Yeah you are the best gal , what if you have 14th? I am , as being a blogger fellow , feeling proud that you are even in 15. Hahha mums are rarely good at photography :D

    Aree With Umbrella
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  3. wow you really look alike with your dad :)


  4. hey, done followed! :D now it's your turn :)

    after read your post, I'm pretty sure that your dad is a nice guy :)


  5. really great blog! Want to follow each other? If so, then commenting on us, so we know that we will follow you. (: ♥
    Love, Anna: *

  6. This was such a sweet post. I love that you just wish upon the happiness for your father. You're so sweet and cute. Have a great New Years!