Yes, I'm a Loser


Just wanna tell you that on last 24th of November, I faced a news reading competition on University of North Sumatera. I feel like an idiot cause I just got 1030 from 1500 perfect score. The first rank is from Sutomo Medan, Jenny. She's quite genius. She read the news like the real BBC's news anchor. Dear Jenny, I do adore you. If Jenny read this, all I want to say is let's take a photo together. I want to know you more. But I didn't regret anything. That's a great moment you know. Watching Jenny is such unforgetable moment ever. And then I met kak Elsye. kkk~ the crew of the competition. My ELF's mate. So, here's the photos.
With kak elsyeee!
 I'm trying to take a good shots. Is it good? Anyway, that's Nandit.
 They're to serious.
I love taking the windows shot. 
This is the most bad photo-_-
Taking shots on the roadside! Wahahaha. 

Am I good in that formal outfit? I just feel like I'm the true news anchor from what I wore. Nisca from Fashion Rabid said that I look so beautiful in that outfit. Hahahaha I just felt like I blushed when she told it. Well, there's no outfit post. I'm so busy in this last time. I even can't do the photoshoot for the outfit post though I want to join lot of contest that will be end today! aaaaaah>< I'm dying being a shs student:( but yeah, I'm thank God because I'm not a beggar. Thankyou for all of your birthday greeting. Sorry I can't reply your comment. Once again, I'm so busy. I even can't do blogwalking. Next week is the examination you know. Wish me luck and get the 10 top rank lah. Anyway, I just cut my hair. Here is the photo of me with the new hairstyle. What do you think? yay or nay?
Is it great?

Well, just it. Happy friday!

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  1. that sounds so fun. you can get experience by joining that. have a nice day dear ^^