Vacation part 1

Hello. I'm a student in 11th science class now. So sad cause I have to leave my beloved X-1. But..that's life. My school have started. It's hard to say bye to holiday. I need more holiday. I haven't use last holiday to hibernate. Really. I have to be a good bear right? But, there's holiday soon. Can't be patient wait it;3 I promise you I will spend that holiday with hibernate. I went to orange farm and a sight called 'Taman Wisata Iman' on last holiday. I regret it I didn't bring my camera. And my blackberry left at home. Too perfect. So i took a lot of photo use a phone with very very low camera quality. I'm sorry for the bad photos:( I will divide my vacation in to 2 part. The first part is full of me and my family and the second part is just me;p

Day 1, orange farm.
We go to my family's orange farm. I felt so tired because of the long trip on that day. So you can enjoy the photos with my super messed&tired face. I just woke up on that day and my mom ask me to go to the farm. I forgot about keep my fashion style. HaHaHa. So I just use my bad pajama and use my Super Junior's hoodie. It's so cold there. The little girl is my cousin. She's super cute right?;3
Look so tired right? I didn't sleep enough?:"
Mom's skin is brighter than me:"
With my lilbroth;p
The family<3
Just the random photos!xoxo

That's all in the first day. Well, honestly that's not my family. That's my aunt's sister's family in law. Can you catch it? Haha. Well, next!The second day..

Day 2, Taman Wisata Iman
I don't know who is this guy. Hahaha

 Buy ice cream;

Well, that's all about my vacation. Just a short journey. I have to go to course now. My father forced me-__- I won't go. I want have a beautiful nap. See you readers! Have a beautiful day.



  1. Nice post dear..
    lovely picture! :)


  2. vacations ARE tiring. but they also super fun

    The Sweetest Escape 

  3. Hi, love your blog! I hope we can follow each other's blog :-) I'll be waiting for your reply :-) xoxo


  4. beautiful pictures - the last one is so sweet !!

  5. lovely pictures <3
    thx for your comment on my blog ^^
    I can't find a GFC button on your blog =( where is it? =)
    wanna follow each other on bloglovin too so we could keep in touch better? =)

  6. now I'm following you via GFC ^^

  7. looks like you have a great time with ur family :) is that a varsity jacket that you wear in day 1? or look-a-like?

    My Random Thoughts

  8. wow, gorgeous pictures, you guys all look great and happy^^