Welcome June!

Haloha dear. I'm back from my examination. Anyone miss me? I have finished my examination and.... that's not bad. But I doubt for economy and history. I really don't have any talent there. I almost cry when I realized that there are many wrong answer for my history. That's because I asked my friends. Oh no, I have cried. Can you imagine how shameful it? Oh well, it's not too late for me to welcoming June right? Okay, welcome June and goodbye May! Please be kind for me, give me more happiness. And for you May, thanks for everything that you have taught me. There are many thing that I have planned for this month. And... I hope a lot of happiness from June. 2 weeks ago I have received my Super Junior's jacket. I've been waiting so long for this jacket. There's a problem in the delivery. And when I received it I feel like asdfghjkl. Of course I'm so happy! The jacket is really cool! but too bigfor me. But I keep love it. Don't worry, I love the oversize clothes. I took a lot of photos with that jacket<3 I love it sosososososo much. And do you know if on 22nd May is my mother's birthday? I want to congrats her here although it was too late. Happy Birthday Mommy! Thanks for being my mom. Sorry cause I'm a naughty girl. I promise, someday I'll make you be the happiest mom in this world. You can keep my vow.I love you mom{}

The photo above is my mom with dad photo with my mom's birthday cake. By the way I gave my mom a watch. My wishlist for this month is:
♥Still alive
♥A lot of happiness
♥No more tears
♥I can open my online shop
♥My online shop be success
♥Having a polaroid
♥Get the good mark
♥Get rank
♥My blog more famous
♥Still crazy
♥Always remember to thanks God for everything
♥Laugh more

Alright, this is my photos. Without the jacket first
With the jacket<3
My glasses
I got bonus for buying the jacket. Here is it. Calender and photocard. Love it so much. And guess what? Sisca said that Siwon look handsome hahahahaha
Super Junior's hoodie: kpop olshop
glasses: re-space
shoes: precise
pants: used
shirt: job
And last word I want to tell you about Kelimutu's project for helping other. I hope you will help her project and donate something for the garage sale. You can see the project here and if you're interesting you can contact her on her twitter or send her an e-mail here. Don't forget to help her and give a lot of donate. That's nothing wrong for helping others guys;) 



  1. Congrats on bein finished with your exam! Cute casual outfit =) Your blog is lovely!

    Suzie Q

  2. u re such a sweetheart!

    wanna follow each other dear?



  3. Loveee your blogg <33

    I followed you dear.
    Mind to follow back? ^^


  4. hey..
    I'm a new blogger and i really love your blog..
    it's a great idea outfit for me

    I've followed your blog and Let's follow my blog too.


    Thank youuu

  5. I like the pic without glasses best. Looking cute ^^

  6. I love this post so much =) lots of fresh inspiration for me =))

    Oh, please, check out my blog and new mint look with studded clutch and tell what you think =)
    And we can follow each other if you want =))

    Hope we keep in touch =)

  7. happy birthday to your mum. hmm, interesting jacket ;)