God is unpredictable. God is awesome. God is so cool. Yeah! That's God. He is my Dad. Jesus christ is my Dad. In this last time I always pray for my midterm. Feel so scared if I think I have any remedial (I will have some, I know it). I think I will have remedial of math and history. But, when the physics exam this morning, I shocked with the result. I don't have any remedial for math and history. That's miracle! That's because of Jesus listen to my pray. I'm sososo happy. I hope Dad will listen for my pray. I hope I don't get any remedial. You know, my dad said that if I have any remedial he will give me a present (what my dad mean is present as a bad mean). Oh hell! I don't know what to say. I don't know what to do. I know I will have remedial. And I know I will show anger in my face of parents. Wish one miracle come to me again. Wish I be a lucky girl for once more. Please. May Jesus give a miracle again. Amin. Oh! tomorrow is botany and sociology. Wish I can cheating againnnn!! Wish my friends don't getting bored of giving me the answer>< wish me luck!

Eka Theresia

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