I just found another application that can use to make gif image. I made gif photos use photoscape and an application that I had forgot the name before. But now I make it use gickr. Now, my blog full with picture gadget. bahahaha I wish you'll like that photos. Well, my brother was interest with gif photos and asked me to made some. We took some photos too, some crazy photos. I just shared 2 for you cause I can't wait longer until the photos uploaded. That's because my modem load so slowly. I wanna share the gif photos of my brother, but it seems can't be upload-__- what going on? what's wronggg? Oh! I don't have anytime to tell you more, I need to study now. Tomorrow is physics and civic. Wish me luck! Physics is a little bit easy, but civiccc?! kill me please. Ok! enough for everything. See you then!

P.S I wish tomorrow I can do the cheating again. I hope I can ask Sisca, Nisca, Mutya, Fiena, Dewi, Iqbal and Novi. And may Jesus forgive me. amin.

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