How to be cool

Many people want to be cool.
Many people try everything.
Many people changed.
Many people spend their money.
Many people spend their time.
Many people try to be the other person.
Many people being not their selves.
That's all because they want to be cool.
That's funny really. Many people do everything, try everything and spend everything to be cool. But, why we have to be cool? Why to be a cool guy we have to be the other person? Why we have to copy the other person style. That's not important. To be cool it's not important. Why? Because we're cool with being ourselves. Don't trick yourself by pretending someone else. You are you. Don't act like you're an artist, don't act like you're a jerk, and don't act like you're not you. All of your friends can understand you if you are yourself. But they never can't understand you if you act like you're the other person. Cool is when you can be yourself. Just yourself. Cool is when your friends know who the real you are. Don't copy the other person style. It's sickening! Find for your own style! Be yourself! If you try to be someone else, believe me. That's useless. That's sickening. That's feel not free. Being yourself is free. Being yourself is fun. Being yourself is cool. So, how to be cool? simply just being yourself.
.I know how the feel want to be cool.
.I know how the feel you want everyone say you're cool.
.I know the feel you want to be famous.
.I know that.
.Cause I ever wanted to be cool too.
.I ever wanted to be famous.
.But I realized, cool is not important.
.Cause cool is being yourself.

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