Happy Birthday Eka Theresia Kartika Suri!

yow! it was 4 days later when I celebrate my birthday. I write this text on shinta's laptop. thankyou mrs. Kim^^ well, as usually. My birthday always the worst day. Since I born. bahahahaha that's real guys! On my 15 th birthday, I celebrate it with debi,mirza and sisca. oh! Shinta and tika were come too. Unfortunately, Rachel can't came. felt sooooooo sad of course. And...... that girl be the last person that say happy birthday to me. I wish I can meet Rachel as soon as possible. I do miss her. really. Last word, thanks Jesus you give me chance so I can life until 15th. Happy birthday to me! Happy Birthday Eka Theresia Kartika Suri! Be better little girl;)

This from beloved debi and mirza

from shinta and tika

From my aunt

from my uncle;)

from mom<3

from dad and amos<33

Thankyou so much everyone. This just a little gift from my friends and my family. Siska and her sister give me t-shirt. but I forget to take a picture of them-_- well, my dad give me many dress too. mhihi:3

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